Seeds tailored to the future of farming

Boosting Value for a Nascent Industry

Indoor farming is among the fastest growing sectors in agriculture. It decreases the amount of time needed for produce to travel from farm to table, can be established anywhere in the world, and is a much more efficient use of resources. Vindara provides the foundation for every player in the dynamic indoor farming arena and is the only provider capable of keeping pace with our customers as their needs evolve in the years ahead. We are growing through three channels to market:

Producers and Growers

through seed sales

Producers and growers can maintain their best selling crops year round using Vindara seeds in their controlled environment indoor gardens. No pests, no environmental changes to fear and low water usage.

Food Service and Retailers

through produce sales

Vindara seeds allow produce to be tailored to individual market preferences, and retailers would not have to wait for produce to come available from distant countries or gamble on the quality of the produce upon arrival.

Technology Provider

through lighting and smart system providers

By bundling with the dynamic indoor garden equipment market, Vindara seeds will launch many ventures into indoor and vertical gardening. By pairing equipment providers and lighting companies with Vindara, a garden is possible in any environment.