Indoor farming is the agricultural engine of tomorrow… but no one’s developing the fuel to power it

Vindara delivers an immediate increase in value to indoor farming.

For growers, we provide the foundation for every player in the space—and the only provider capable of keeping pace with our customers as their needs evolve in the years ahead. For consumers, we’re enabling an era of abundant produce that lives up to the home garden experience—beautiful, delicious, and nutrient-dense. We offer four unique value propositions:


Vindara is the first company dedicated exclusively to delivering the genetic varieties of seeds that indoor growers need to get the best results from their operations. Today’s commercial outdoor seeds are almost exactly opposed to what indoor growers need, being bred for resistance to disease and pests and designed for long storage and transportation. While necessary for outdoor conditions, this results in genetic tradeoffs that can produce a lack of flavor, color, and nutritional value.

In essence, we’re lifting the burden imposed by today’s off-the-shelf seeds with tailor-made alternatives designed specifically for indoor use, without sacrificing quality, taste and nutrients.


Vindara’s seeds drop seamlessly into the systems indoor growers already use and continue to refine. We understand that time and effort have been spent in creating these advanced systems, with everything from humidity and temperature sensors to precisely calibrated lighting conditions.

We improve on these systems, not through complex changes but through the input themselves- the seeds. Vindara’s seeds are not only better suited to their growing environment, but produce substantially better results with amplified appearance, nutrition, flavor, and increased yield.


Vindara’s seed development process is conducted entirely through analytics- no gene-editing or GMOs required. We started by assembling the industry’s largest database of worldwide produce, tracking thousands of varieties and looking at everything from physical measurements to texture and flavor. We then augmented our database to include data from outside resources, such as scientific journals and USDA documents.

The compiled data is then used to train our machine learning models to accurately predict the genetic underpinnings of entirely new varieties of plants, dialing in precise sets of desired properties. Our process provides a simpler, shorter path than traditional breeding methods, reducing the time needed from 5-7 years to a remarkable 12-18 months.


By using an accelerated and data-driven approach that makes each property individually editable, Vindara has developed something truly unique- a seed design system that can deliver any kind of genetic variety, tailored to each customer’s needs. Those needs could change over time, as color, texture, flavor, and nutrient profile are subjective, and influenced by a range of cultural and generational pressures.

Vindara gives growers the flexibility they need to respond to these pressures with agility and precision. In short, Vindara gives growers a control panel for designing the produce of tomorrow— built to spec, and brought to life with unprecedented speed.