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Vindara is revolutionizing the future of agriculture by fueling the indoor farming industry.

With a projected industry market of over $12 billion by 2024, indoor farming has potential to be a significantly larger market and a truly sustainable alternative to traditional operations. Vindara is the first company to deliver seeds specifically designed for use in indoor farms and the key to pushing market projections even further, removing limitations that traditional seeds impose and giving growers, retailers, and consumers even greater control over their produce.

The difference is in the seeds.

Seeds designed specifically for indoor farms.

A drop in replacement for the systems indoor growers already use.

Amplified yield, appearance, nutrition and flavor.

Designed entirely through analytics, not gene-editing or GMOs.

Rapid, Tailored Development of Genetic Varieties.

By accelerating the traditional breeding process and taking a data driven approach that makes each property individually editable, we’ve developed something truly insurgent: a seed design system that can deliver any kind of genetic variety, tailored to each customer’s needs.

Vindara is giving growers a control panel for designing the produce of tomorrow— built to spec, and brought to life with unprecedented speed.

But the potential doesn’t end with growers; Vindara seeds enable successful indoor and vertical gardening through a variety of avenues. Food retailers and indoor agriculture technology companies not only benefit from being able to control the qualities of their produce, but from exclusive product access and brand differentiation as well. With Vindara and the world of indoor farming, the possibilities and the profitability are endless.

Join Vindara as we empower the future of farming.

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